PROOF Intelligence is a series of industry reports intended to improve the level of data and insights within the drinks & hospitality industries

PROOF Insight is a full-service market research and insights company serving the drinks and hospitality sectors. Our position as a market research company focused solely on these spaces gives us unique access to producers, operators, and, most importantly, consumers.

The reports are data, and expert interview-led, with the average report containing more than three surveys of consumers and drinks industry professionals. These are not market overview reports, but reports intended to help the industry compete more efficiently and operate with a better understanding of drinks consumers.

  • The Moderating Consumer 2023

    The rise in alcohol moderation and growth of the NoLo category made producing the Moderating Consumer report an easy decision. We talked to consumers, producers, operators and buyers to build a report with a strategic view of this space. We create a framework to understand moderation behaviours and occasions and provide clear insights and recommendations on how all parties can best deliver for the moderating consumer.

  • The Craft Beer Report 2023

    An in-depth look at the craft beer sector through extensive consumer, producer and brewer surveys, 400k craft beer reviews and interviews with industry experts. This informative and readable report contains exclusive data & detailed insights for succeeding in a dynamic market.

    “Excellent insight into the ever-evolving craft beer market; revealing critical perception gaps between the industry & craft consumer.” Jason Clarke, Genius Brewing

    “Facts & figures can bamboozle. PROOF has made it in layman’s terms & that’s what we really need.” Louise Maclean, Signature Pubs & Cold Town Beer

We are seeing a broad spectrum of flavours, comforting classics & new taste experiences; 2023 is all about escapism through taste.

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