The Moderating Consumer Report

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4 surveys totalling 1,500 consumers and 40 no/low producers

4 surveys totalling 1,500 consumers and 40 no/low producers

Here’s a flavour of what’s inside…

Section 1


Moderation is broad reaching, with a diverse set of behaviours that aren’t always what brands thought. Amid shifting attitudes to alcohol consumption, we examine generational disparities and how brands can target consumers based on their motivation for moderation.

Section 2


Occasion and motivation determines moderating behaviour, and this shifts throughout the week. From family events to big nights out, moderation is happening in unexpected moments. No/low is promoted as the perfect moderating drink, but what are consumers really drinking?

Section 3

Soft drinks:
is there room
for innovation?

Understanding, familiarity, and availability are only three of the many reasons soft drinks are the most consumed category during moderating occasions. Their popularity amongst consumers is undeniable. Has the category already reached capacity, or is there room for innovation?

Section 4


The no/low category has gained momentum in the last decade. Despite the abundance of choice, no/low only shows up in 1 in 4 moderating occasions. The reason why lies with the elusive moderating consumer. In this section, we’ll explore what they want from no/low and the main barriers preventing them from consuming.

Section 5

for no/low

As the no/low category becomes increasingly competitive, with both established brands and new challengers entering the scene, we identify what brands need to do to win in the on- and off-trade, and likewise how operators and retailers can better meet the needs of moderating consumers.

Section 6


Whether you are a hospitality owner, investor or brand owner looking to deliver growth in the on- or off-trade, we’ll outline what this all means for you and why moderation is a behavioural shift that all businesses should care about.