The Future
of Cocktails

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What’s inside…

Section 1

The cocktail drinker

The growth in on-trade availability of cocktails and an increase in consumers making cocktails at home during the pandemic has made the cocktail more accessible to more consumers. We examine who they are, how consumption has changed, and how this is expected to change.

Section 2

The rise of pre-mixed cocktails

Pre-mixed cocktails have grown to become a significant component of the drinks industry. We examine consumer perceptions and where the opportunity for growth lies within the on-trade and off-trade.

Section 3

On-trade cocktails

Understanding cocktail drinkers’ reasons for drinking cocktails, the occasions on which they do so and their choice drivers is vital to providing a satisfactory cocktail experience.

Section 4

Cocktails across channels

Cocktails are available across a wide range of channels in the on-trade. What consumers expect from the cocktail experience in each venue is different.

Section 5

Cocktails at home

Cocktails at home boomed over the pandemic, with consumers looking to recreate the on-trade experience at home. We investigated why consumers drink cocktails at home and the barriers preventing others from doing so.

Section 6

How can I promote my spirits brand using cocktails?

Cocktails are a primary marketing route for many spirits brands, but how vital is spirits brand when it comes to cocktails? How can spirits brands interact with consumers and the on-trade to boost sales using cocktails?

Section 7

Flavours of the future

As mixologists continue to push the boundaries regarding ingredients in a cocktail, we investigated which flavours and ingredients cocktail drinkers want to see more of.

Section 8

Summary and conclusions

We will summarise the key findings of this report and what it means for you, whether you are an on-trade operator, spirits producer or pre-mixed cocktail producer.


When looking at our options for the theme of the next PROOF Intelligence report, we made note of the number of visits to our offices we’ve had from “cocktails in cans” producers in the past few months, as well as how the trends in cocktails we have been tracking have become a bit more... out there. We also had some assumptions we wanted to explore around consumers’ general cocktails behaviour and knowledge. From this, we knew we had the makings of an engaging topic.

While producing this report, we learned how central cocktails are for two iconic consumption moments, the “big night out” and the “celebration”. We learned that while people continue to consume cocktails in every type of venue, it is only in the premium locations where they trust you to experiment with the recipe (otherwise stick to the classics).

Some of what you will find in the report will comfortably confirm your assumptions, we are sure you will find some surprises too, and ultimately data, ideas, and concepts that will help improve how you compete in the drinks and hospitality space.


We reached out across our industry and to consumers in numerous ways during the production of the report.

Research elements:

3 consumer focus groups

3 consumer surveys with over 1500 respondents

2 surveys with producers & operators

20 interviews with producers, operators, bartenders & other industry leaders

Age range of survey respondents

18 to 24


25 to 34


35 to 44


45 to 54


55 to 64




Where do survey respondents live?

Yorkshire and the Humber


West Midlands




South-West England


South-East England




Northern Ireland


North-West England


North-East England




East of England


East Midlands